Raab / van Endert / Tortiller – Hope and Gratitude (LP)


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The fascinating and touching debut album of the top international trio (Austria/Germany/France) in unusual instrumentation with trumpet/flugelhorn, guitar and vibraphone.


  1. In Vino (Franck Tortiller)
  2. Sea of lost Time (Lorenz Raab)
  3. Mrs. Blueberry (Philipp van Endert)
  4. La Delaïssàdo (Franck Tortiller)
  5. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
  6. K & the Waves (Philipp van Endert)
  7. Your Way (Martin Gasselsberger)
  8. Person of Integrity (Lorenz Raab)
  9. In Heavens Spaces (Martin Gasselsberger)

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