Lemke, Nendza, Hillmann feat. Dominique Pifarély – Kyrillis (CD)


Lemke Nendza Hillmann’s second album “Kyrillis” is a colorful affair.

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Lemke Nendza Hillmann’s second album “Kyrillis” is a colorful affair. Like their debut recording, “El Arte”, the group makes spectacular use of comparative stylistic elements. Delightfully playful, each tune creates a life-giving atmosphere.

Lemke Nendza Hillmann allows each musician to change or discard many traditions with new and exciting musical alliances, often resulting in sudden beginnings and abrupt endings; creating occasional and interesting unsuspected tensions. These unusual moments provide many “on the edge” jazz encounters with African Songs, and “funky back beats” melting into sentimental ballads. Balanced improvisation and composition continuous intertwine as the trio finds a commonality in their personal and musical offerings. The music of Lemke Nendza Hillmann essentially tells us about life, its tensions and relaxations in a profound and relevant manner.



  1. Moody Bits
  2. Kyrillis
  3. Bogdan & the Bulgarian Wedding Stompers
  4. Wellenbad
  5. Dahabib
  6. Les Parents
  7. Morsing
  8. It’s so neat
  9. Chez Henri
  10. Dunia
  11. Steve’s Back
  12. Von Mensch & Maß

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