Sebastian Gahler Trio – Down The Street (CD)


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Down The Street  is the Sebastian Gahler Trio’s third album, following Meditation and Trust. „For the first time, we have included some jazz standards on a CD, which is a way of going back to our roots.” Yet Sebastian Gahler stays true to himself. „There has been one Soundtrack title on each of my CDs so far (Meditation: Plastic Bag Theme from American Beauty, Trust: Overture from Disney’s Jungle Book) and now with Someday My Prince Will Come, a jazz standard derived from the movie soundtrack for Snow White (again Walt Disney).“


  1. Rejoice
  2. In Between
  3. Just Like That
  4. `S Wonderful
  5. Anaya
  6. C.R.W.
  7. Big Fat Red Rabbit
  8. Someday My Prince Will Come
  9. Sunday Morning Blues
  10. Bird
  11. In The Evening

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