JE:D – From town to town (CD)


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JE:D (Jazz Ensemble Düsseldorf) is a collective of jazz musicians in exchange with other cities and twin cities. Everyone for himself a professional musician, teacher, composer and arranger. All of the musicians have been honored with the city’s ad- vancement award. Each musician is an experienced national and international player, and they are all related with each other in jazz and Düsseldorf.


  1. Das Model (Kraftwerk) 05:38
  2. Kö (Mathias Haus) 06:22
  3. Closure (Sebastian Gahler) 06:48
  4. Saronic Soul /Reiner Witzel) 06:06
  5. Die Roboter (Kraftwerk) 06:09
  6. Wait a second (Philipp van Endert) 06:43
  7. Trauergesang (Friedrich von Spee) 07:46
  8. Rhine (Mathias Haus) 10:39
  9. Wenn ich in Deine Augen seh‘ (Robert Schumann) 05:51

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