Christine Corvisier 5tet – Chansons de Cologne (CD)


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Christine Corvisier decided to refresh and reinvent the world’s famous chansons of her Childhood (from Aznavour, Piaf etc) through her arrangements with a total new modern jazz aspect. The aesthetic and concept of the band are based on a natural acoustic sound with plenty of room for improvisation and highlighting the solo qualities of all the musicians.


  1. C’est si bon (05:45)
  2. Emmenez-moi (07:16)
  3. Lumière s.v.p (06:14)
  4. La belle vie (05:35)
  5. Non, Je ne regrette rien (05:23)
  6. La valse d’Amélie (04:05)
  7. Tous les visages de l’amour (04:29)
  8. Le Sud (06:05)
  9. La bohème (06:25)
  10. Lunaire (04:40)
  11. The modern Cinderella (05:31)
  12. Les feuilles mortes (04:10)

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