Trio Benares – Assi Ghat (CD)


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“Exciting, virtuosic, sensual, beautiful!“

There has been a force of gravity between Indian classical music and jazz for many decades — the push and pull of improvisation, the exciting rhythmic language. Founded in 2014, the Trio Benares continues on this path of tradition.


  1. Jog (D. Mishra) 06:23
  2. Charlie‘s Reverberations (R. Hanschel) 08:24
  3. Assi Ghat (R. Hanschel) 05:17
  4. Extrembiose (R. Hanschel) 10:25
  5. Bhairavi (trad.) 07:06
  6. Greenfire (R. Hanschel) 07:54
  7. Kajari (trad.) 08:53

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