Peter Weiss Quintet – Still ramblin’ (CD)


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The quintet led by drummer Peter Weiss brings together some of the best musicians on the current German jazz scene. All five are outstanding in their instrument genre, all have received a lot of attention and press. In addition to their high technical skills, they have in common an amazing maturity, a great sense for ensemble sound and communication as well as their own compositional handwriting.


  1. Ramblin (Ornette Coleman) 7:13
  2. Contemplation (Wayne Shorter) 8:55
  3. Looking Forward (Ryan Carniaux) 5:03
  4. Melting (Hendrika Entzian) 6:04
  5. In A Yellow Mood (Kristina Brodersen) 6:01
  6. Cecilia (Ryan Carniaux) 5:12
  7. September Song (Uli Beckerhoff) 6:28
  8. Ballade (Kristina Brodersen) 3:41
  9. Kling´s Mood (Pablo Held) 4:55

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