Hendrik Müller – Unlikely Scenario (CD)


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The Hendrik Müller Trio marks the starting point of a new musical path for the jazz double-bass player and composer Hendrik Müller.

His music is energetic and yet contemplative and full of unexpected turns. It triggers a deep fascination and wonder for how the music will develop. While the focus lays on the interaction between all three musicians, there is plenty of space for the double-bass to play a leading role.


  1. August 3:27
  2. Kaleidos 5:51
  3. Just to have it 5:07
  4. Nebel 5:04
  5. Interlude 2:55
  6. Unlikely Scenario 5:09
  7. Málaga 7:14
  8. Erwachen 6:51
  9. Time to go home 5:07
  10. A new day 6:21

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