Ania Paz – Espacios (CD)


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Established in Latin America, Ania Paz expands her internationality with the Berlin production Espacios. Her first CD after the restrictions of the pandemic reflects a renewed vitality and spontaneity. Compositions created from the many travel experiences connect for the first time with the Berlin jazz scene, leading to a new and exciting cross-cultural sound. Experimental Afro-Latin rhythms and modern harmonies create an energetic, unexpected and diverse language.


  1. Sparkles 6:19
  2. Espacios 7:21
  3. Causal 5:27
  4. Desde casa 8:04
  5. Naiv 4:11
  6. Mambo 6:35
  7. Tristeza en las montanas 7:17
  8. Sonando 4:15
  9. Simplemente 6:34

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