The New Richie Beirach Trio – GAIA (CD)


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“I am very excited about my new trio, because it is different of anything I ever played or recorded in my long discography of over 40 years of recording. The combination of new instruments like the synthesizer, keyboard and vocoder of Regina and the lack of a bass player and the special talents of Chris`s drumming including special percussion instruments with new tuned cymbals makes it so unique.” (Richie Beirach)


  1. Riddles
  2. The Last Rhapsody
  3. Chris`s House
  4. November Sketch Nr. 1-14 November 05. Gaia
  5. Rectilinear
  6. Transparent Minor
  7. November Sketch Nr. 2 – Kolybelanya 09. The Snow Leopard
  8. ZAL
  9. Faces
  10. Footprints
  11. November Sketch Nr. 3 – Tuman

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