Philipp Wisser – Just a glimpse (CD)


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“Just A Glimpse” consists of a band of young musicians from the german jazz scene who play compositions by Philipp Wisser. The quintet is based on both a rough, carefree and melancholy streak. The built-in opposites ensure good stories and a dynamic that makes it possible to revive many exciting moments for the listener.


  1. Can’t Go Back (4:31)
  2. Big Moon (4:53)
  3. Just A Glimpse (7:29)
  4. Flow (4:06)
  5. Very First Time (4:12)
  6. On The Brink (4:00)
  7. The Whistler (4:48)
  8. Old Memories (4:39)
  9. Unbound (9:18)
  10. Never No Happy Ending (4:18)

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