Lajos Dudas – Radio Days (CD)


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As frontiersman crossing the borders of style he never ever sounds like an imitator – on the contrary: with an instinctive sureness of touch he combines his musical statement with the given material, and the result is pure excitement. Excitement that leads to only one conclusion: Lajos Dudas graces every stage he sets, foot on.


  1. Pacific Coast Highway
  2. Surfriding
  3. Reni´s Ballad
  4. Cab Car
  5. Kukeri Dance
  6. Urban Blues
  7. West Coast
  8. Zugabe
  9. For Gabor (Remember Gabor Szabo)
  10. Cool Getz
  11. Bach´s Gedenken
  12. Minimal Musical
  13. Meet

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