Heiner Rennebaum – Pianavia (CD)


Pianist and composer Stefan Heidtmann realized a new project.

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Pianavia is Music on the Verge of Silence
The instrumental music of pianavia although difficult to classify stylistically utilizes unfamiliar tone and rhythmical structures without being complicated. All six pieces use acoustic and electro acoustic instruments which have been recorded and arranged on a computer. These compositions and sketches had been documented over a lengthy period of time and the production was completed in the summer of last year. Similar to Brian Eno who being irritated with the music from the public address system at Cologne/Bonn-Airport decided to compose his own Music for Airports, Heiner Rennebaum has here produced the type of music which he personally wants to hear when winding down. Additional help on this project has been given by Roland Peil (perc. Dreischritt), Hayden Chisholm (sax Mäanderthaler) and the shortly deceiced Bernd Renn (additional editing and programming) to whom this project is dedicated. Otherwise all instruments have been played by Heiner Rennebaum: electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steelguitar, piano, and bina (which is a cased built harmonium). The title is given by the village of this name in Ligurien near Imperia, where the title piece was composed.


  1. Pianavia Part 1 (Heiner Rennebaum)
  2. Dreischritt (Heiner Rennebaum)
  3. Das alte Klavier (Heiner Rennebaum)
  4. Pianavia Part 2 (Heiner Rennebaum)
  5. Mäandertaler (Heiner Rennebaum)
  6. In a Silent Way (Joe Zawinul)

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