Frida – Freedom of Flight (CD)


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Three voices, bass and drums – already at first glance the unique character of this quintet becomes obvious. But the unusual line-up is only one of the band’s characteristic trademarks: another is Frida’s repertoire. Courageous and light-footed but never frivolous, it leaves behind style and genre boundaries imposed by contemporary jazz. On their debut album Freedom of Flight, Frida presents elaborate settings of poetry, individual reinterpretations of pop hits and her (same comment as before) own compositions. What they all have in common is the special Frida sound – perhaps never heard before – which seems to connect heaven and earth. Here: voices, clear as a bell, at times floating and then suddenly emphatic or onomatopoeic. There: a growling, wooden, and sometimes coarse double bass with poignant and dynamic drums.


  1. Baby One More Time
  2. Have You Got a Brook in Your Little Heart
  3. The Realm of You
  4. Singing Lessons
  5. You Cover Yourself
  6. Kein Kinderlied
  7. Time after Time
  8. Der schwere Traum

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