FORSONICS – Timeline (CD)


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With their second CD as well FORSONICS succeeds in igniting something very human, personal with their sound, their notes and improvisations without becoming obtrusive.


  1. SUNRISE OVER THE FJELL 6:37 (Carsten Stüwe)
  2. FERRY TO PATHMOS 4:50 (Chris Fische)
  3. IT´S OVER 5:01 (Bert Fastenrath)
  4. HIGH NOON 6:20 (Andy Gillmann)
  5. BITTER SWEET MOMENTS 5:40 (Andy Gillmann)
  6. DON´T WAIT FOR ME 4:36 (Carsten Stüwe)
  7. HAPPY HOUR 5´18 (Bert Fastenrath)
  8. REFLEXIONEN 6:00 (Andy Gilmann)
  9. STRANGE CHANGE 6:50 (Bert Fastenrath)
  10. DON´T KNOW WHY 3:27 (Jesse Harris)

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