Anne Hartkamp & Thomas Rückert – Dear Bill (CD)


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What‘s so beautiful: when musicians meet to „just play a bit“, without any pressure of production or being productive, for sheer joy of making music.

Just that happened in the summer of 2013 when Anne Hartkamp and Thomas Rückert who have been collaborating for years in Hartkamp‘s Quintet/Quartet took a relaxed and very open-minded look at the musical legacy of the great pianist Bill Evans, a musician who influenced and affected both of them in a multitude of ways.This untargeted jam session in Rückert‘s sunny home studio asked for more, and so what followed were further musical encounters, were concerts – the first of which brought them the marvelous John Goldsby on bass as a special guest -, and finally the recordings to this album: DEAR BILL.

  1. My Foolish Heart 5:28
  2. Letter To Evan 6:59
  3. How Deep Is The Ocean 4:57
  4. Quiet Now 4:56
  5. Theme From M*A*S*H 2:23
  6. Dear Bill 3:06
  7. Never Let Me Go 7:13
  8. How My Heart Sings 4:52
  9. Turn Out The Stars 7:02
  10. Translucent Yellow 3:00
  11. Very Early 4:24
  12. You Must Believe In Spring 5:53

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