Anne Hartkamp Quintet – momentum (CD)


Anne Hartkamp is no newcomer to music.

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Anne Hartkamp is no newcomer to music. As a singer and composer she is well known in both Cologne, her city of residence, and within the German music scene nationwide.

Her band, “hartkamp” (the lower case here distinguishes between the band name and her own), has provided the perfect showcase for her original songs with German lyrics. “hartkamp”’s music is unique and highly poetic, fitting gracefully into the “singer-songwriter” genre.



  1. paper bird
  2. very early
  3. dance no. 1
  4. run easy
  5. well you needn’t
  6. 43 things
  7. tenderly
  8. quinten
  9. für und wider
  10. it’ll all come right

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